Mondays from here.

I think my problem is that I want to do too many things, and I just don’t have enough time in the day to do them all. Obviously, I cut way back on the number of posts and scans I make here. I began doing this daily, and went pretty well on full steam for a while there. Then I cut back to three times a week. Then I didn’t post for a month (granted, it was a crazy month) so I cut back to twice a week. Now I have a new plan, which is to post once a week. I don’t want to burn out, but I also don’t want to be lazy. So I am working on incorporating my work into my web space! I’m starting a book blog, where I will also post once a week. I’m going to have to tinker to figure out the best way to share both of these loves (history and books!), but it will likely be some sort of splash page to enter one site or the other from the main page.

Anyway. All of this is to say that the family history blog will continue with one post a week, every Monday!


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